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Twelve Men

Twelve men have walked on the moon, but how do we know it is true? Some may say they saw the rockets launch. True, but as the rockets were soon out of sight, do we know where they went? But we saw them walking on the moon. Again true, but easily done in a film studio. Well, we have the moon rocks. Yes we do, but are they really moon rocks? We could go on listing evidence, but each can be challenged. Perhaps the greatest proof is the men themselves. All of them would say, "I have walked on the moon". Can we believe them? On answering, we might ask if it possible that such men, men of real calibre, all without exception would live a lie for the rest of their lives, knowing they hadn't walked on the moon, yet claiming they had?

Jesus had twelve close disciples. One of them, Judas, did the unthinkable and betrayed him, which led to Jesus' death. After Jesus rose from the dead, Matthias replaced Judas, so the twelve was restored. Like the astronauts, these men proclaimed a truth for the rest of their lives. Not that they had walked on the moon, but they had walked with Jesus. These disciples were so committed to Jesus that they spent the rest of their lives telling as many people as they could about him. They lived hard lives, persecuted for the things they were saying, some even dying. How do we know they spoke the truth? Would you die for a lie? Nor would they!

But why was Jesus so special that they would die for him? Jesus had worked miracles, he taught his disciples the truths of God, he had lived a morally perfect life, in part as an example for us to follow, and Jesus had said some outrageous things about himself - he claimed to be God himself! But as important as these things are, they are not THE most important things.

Easter is past, the chocolate eggs are being enjoyed, spring is here and flowers are soon to bloom. Did we miss the point of Easter? Did we miss that Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead on the third day? Did we miss that Easter is all about forgiveness? Did we miss that Good Friday, in spite of its awfulness, is Good News? Did we miss that Jesus gives eternal through his death and resurrection? Did we miss that ignoring Jesus is just as bad as rejecting him? Did we simply miss Jesus? His disciples didn't, and nor should we.

Jesus lived and died and rose again, to forgive our sin, to give the promise of eternal life, and bring peace with God.  To receive these things we have to confess our sin and entrust our lives to him.  We then live in faithful obedience to the things he taught.

Jesus alone has the words of eternal life. Please don't miss him.

Simon Peter answered him (Jesus), “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." (John Chapter 6 verse 68, NIV translation, text in italics added)

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